About Our Indian Food Chef

Born in Gujarat, India and raised in America, I love Indian vegetarian food. From the sound of crackling mustard seeds and whistling pressure cookers (pre-Instant Pot) to the aroma of fried lentil patties (daal vadaa) and sweet creamy sheero (toasted semolina with ghee or clarified butter and jaggery cooked in milk).

Home-cooked dishes like this and many others are part of my beloved heritage and in the DNA. And growing up in America in the late 60s and 70s, so are foods like pizza, cake, fries, ice cream, grilled cheese sandwiches, and sodas.

But being a vegetarian doesn’t necessarily mean eating healthy. Tasty Indian vegetarian food can be oily and sweet and lead to overeating.

And there weren’t many Indian stores nearby and American restaurants at that time had little to no vegetarian options (except plain steamed carrots and the like). That really limited our choices.

I watched as innocent but damaging food choices deteriorated the health of my loved ones and eventually myself.  And we are not alone.

I lost my mother to heart disease and diabetes. The biggest tribute to her would be to do the very best I can to make it easier for myself and others to form healthier eating habits. So, I started with myself, my kids, and my 83-year old, food-loving father.

As part of the healthy eating journey, I knew I had to give up all the Indian foods I loved. That was hard to do. But, turns out, actually not necessary.  I started adapting traditional Indian dishes, mainly daal (beans and lentils) soups, to contain low to no salt, oil, sugar.

I invite you to join me in creating an eating style for yourself and your family that’s healthy yet tasty, affordable, and easy enough for our busy lives. It involves selectively using spices, herbs, fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits, legumes and split lentils, a variety of whole grains, mega salads, and tall colorful smoothies!

You'll find helpful tips, classes, and manageable recipes here. And ready-to-cook food products high in protein and fiber but low in fat. 

Wish you tasty meals, with minimum effort and costs, every day! And please don't forget to tell me about your experience in exploring this new adventure!